Frequently Asked Questions

1.- What are Digital Collage Sheets?

Digital Collage Sheets are files that contain a collection of high resolution images. Our digital collage sheets contain JPG, PNG or Vector files and can be printed in A4 (aprox 8.3 x 11 inches) or 6 x 4 inches size (depending of the printing size of the file).

Our digital collage sheets can be downloaded immediately and printed as many times as you like, saving you time and money!!

2.- What do you get as a member of

– You get Instant Downloads and Unlimited Access to 1000´s of digital graphics (NO DOWNLOAD LIMIT!!!)

– NO additional license required for small business use!

– Great quality and super fast Customer Service!


⁃    Digital Collage Sheets in many categories:
⁃    Round Images: 1 inch circles, 2.5 inch circles, 2 inch circles. 12, 20 and 30 mm
⁃    Square Images: 1 x 1 inch
⁃    Rectangle Images: 1 x 2 inches
⁃    Oval Images: 30 x 40mm, 18 x 13 mm
⁃    Cards and Postcards
⁃    Tags
⁃    Labels
⁃    Hearts

And much more…

PLUS..You can’t find the graphics or the size you need? Just let us know and if it’s useful for the majority of members, then we will try to create it for you.

3.- Can I sell or share the digital images?

No. We encourage our customers to enjoy these images, but resale or redistribution of the digital images in any digital form (on CD, DVD, downloads, e-cards, e-prints,  image sharing services, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) is strictly forbidden. Our license covers your usage for small businesses making craft products and selling them. If you are including our images in a collection or otherwise redistributing them then this is not ok.

You can fine all the license fine points in our License Term section.

4.- Are all these Digital Collages Copyright Free?

No, we own copyright to all our collage sheets. While many of our images were originally in the public domain, we have creatively altered them and they are now protected by our copyright.

5.- Are all these Digital Collages Royalty Free?

Yes, the Digital Collage Club items are presented to you “Royalty Free” for personal use and for resale of unique art and handmade crafts, as described with more detail in the next paragraph and our license terms. This means you can feel free to use our images in your personal and small commercial art and crafts projects within the terms of our license agreement, without payment of any additional fees or royalties!

Please note that all our images are offered under the terms of our License Agreement regardless of copyright status, which is common practice by professional image vendors.

6.- What can you do with our digital collage sheets?

By joining our website you receive the right to use our digital collage sheets for your personal crafts or to alter them to sell in cards, jewelry and other craft projects.

So, you are welcome to incorporate images from the Digital Collage Club into:
-Handmade cards,
-Jewelry (bottle caps, pendant, earrings, brooches, buttons)
-Scrapbook pages,
-Decoupaged items,
-Books and notebooks
-Handmade Cards
-Altered books and boxes
-Primitives and folk art pieces
-Elements for Assemblage
-Art journals
-Fabric art,
-Cupcake Toppers
-Use our images for your class or workshops

Please note that we only ask to include a link to our website, where appropriate, in your final product. You will also find answers to most license questions in our License Term section.

7.- What can’t you do with our digital collage sheets?

– Sell or give away the image itself, either printed or digitally
– Use them or sell them as part of design elements such as scrapbooking kits, collage sheets, image CDs, digital compilations, image downloads, image transfers, or any other similar forms that directly compete with our membership site.
– Use the item in mass production. If you would like to use the image more than 100 times, contact us for a commercial license.
– Make the item available in such a way that someone could steal the image. For this reason, if you would like to share the file on the Internet/Social Media and the like, it must be small (150 pixels on the largest side) and/or heavily altered or watermarked.

Please refer to our License Term section for more details.

8.- How do I download a file to my computer?

⁃    Step 1: Click on the link that says “Click Here To Download” on the post with the digital collage sheet of your choice.
⁃    Step 2: The image should start downloading immediately and take less than a minute.
⁃    Step 3: Either right-click on the downloaded zip file and then select “save as” or go to the file tab and select “save as.”
⁃    Step 4: Save your file to your computer. It might be a good idea to create a new folder called “collage sheets” so you keep all your collage sheets nice and tidy.
⁃    Step 5: Find the folder where you saved your collage sheet and double click on it to open. Now your image is ready to be printed.

9.- What is the Resolution of your digital collage sheets?

All our digital collage sheets are 300 dpi for professional printing!
We spend long hours restoring our images (some of them are more than 150 years old!).

10.- What about the quality printing of your images?

We are getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who print and use our images in art and craft items.
For best results we advise you to use a color laser printer and high-quality thick, bright paper.
If you need very large files for the sale of prints or professional use, please contact us!

11.- Do you have any other printing tips?

⁃    Always print your collage sheets with the highest quality print as possible
⁃    Always set up printer quality at 300 dots per inch (NOT 72 dpi)
⁃    The type of paper you pick depends on what you plan to do with your collage sheets, of course. But our favourite is thick and bright white paper card.

12.- What if you don’t have a printer?

We currently do not offer printed products. However, even if you don’t have a printer you can still enjoy our products! Just take take a CD, pen or flashdrive containing your downloads, to a print shop or office supply store and have them printed on the paper of your choice.
To be able to achieve the best results, we advice you to ask  to use a color laser printer, and request a high-quality bright paper.

Also don’t forget that you can use our products digitally, in scrapbooking for example, so there is no need to print them at all!

13.- Where do we get our images from?

Digital Collage Club works with a private collection of thousands of ephemera images that are in the Public Domain, and hundreds of royalty free modern images. We take great care in making sure our images are free of copyright and free to use under our License Agreement.

14.- How to add text or modify an image?

In order to modify an image, such as putting your own text onto a blank label, you need to copy and paste the image into your own image-editing or photo-editing software. Adobe Photoshop is a popular choice, but there are many others, such as CorelDraw, PaintShop and Photoshop Elements and for free you can use Gimp, just to give an example.
Most computers have already a simple photo-editing software installed that is easy to use and will work just fine for basic editing!

15.- How to resize a collage before printing?

You can resize an image before printing In the “Print Images” window.
Because our digital collage sheets are jpg images, they can be resized and printed smaller, just like any other jpg. This is great if you want to print smaller images for charms and other similar jewelry.
You will be able to find great tutorials online, like on youtube. Just please keep in mind that you can loose quality printing if you try to go too large.
Again, feel free to email us with any questions.

16.- Do you offer a refund?

We will offer a FULL refund up to 30 days after you have joined our membership site AS LONG AS you haven’t downloaded more than 5 collage sheets to try them.

Please contact us to www.digitalcollageclub/support before purchasing if you have any questions or concerns.

17.- How does your product compare to competitors’ products?

A: There is no comparison. No other website offers as much quality and selection as we do, for such a bargain price.

18.- How do I contact you?

A: You can contact us here:

19: What is the customer service response time?

A: We will answer your queries in 24 working hours, Monday to Friday, unless there is an extremely busy period where it may take longer. However, this is rare and we usually are able to respond much faster than 24 working hours.