How to Make CARDBOARD COIN HOLDER using Amazon Packaging

Hello everybody!!  Feeling christmassy and getting lots of Amazon deliveries? Great! Francesca @JunkJournalJoy has come out with a new wonderful project:  How to make carboard coin holders using Amazon packaging!!!

We are sure you will not only love how wonderful this project is, but quite GREEN is too! Have fun crafting ❤️❤️❤️

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How to Decoupage Building Blocks

Hello everybody! Hope you are all safe and well.

As Christmas is aproaching I though in ask Iveta @daintygifts, if she could make a decoupaged custom order for my little daughter.

As you will  see on this tutorial, she used our Retro Christmas Tiles  and the Retro Alphabet and Number Tiles to decoupage some wooden building blocks. I cannot wait to give them to my Bella 🥰

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