How to add a Signature to your Junk Journal

Hi there! I know many of you are spending the lockout days making journals so I though in sharing this video tutorial from our latest contributor, Barbara, from 49dragonflies.

You might have already seen her inspiring YouTube channel, where she shares her gorgeous creations. This time Barbara will show you How to add a signature to a junk journal, using some of our Steampunk ATC Cards , Steampunk Alphabet Round Images and Steampunk 1 inch Round Images.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Decoupage Jewellery Box Tutorial

Hello everybody! I have the big honor to introduce you to Iveta from Dainty Gifts. 

She is great at finding treasures in charity shops and transform them into wonderful and unique decoupaged gifts.

In this video tutorial, Iveta will show you step by step, how to decoupage an old box, add some dry air clay ornaments, acrylic, varnish and chalk paints and a lovely Marie Antoinette image from our Premium Library, which you will be able to find HERE.

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