25 Celebration Time Clip Art Compilation

Digital Collage Sheet 1002:  Celebration Time Clip Art Compilation. Carrying on our “1000 Digital Kits Celebration Week”,  this set features stunning and unique dancing, music and more celebration themed images (PNG )

Format: 25 x A4 Page Size (US Letter).  PNG file.  300 dpi

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Vintage Sepia Birds Compilation

Digital Collage Sheet 910: Vintage Sepia Birds Compilation: 6 x Vintage Birdcages (PNG + JPG) + 5 Bird Heads (PNG + JPG) +7 Vintage Birds (PNG + JPG) + 4 Bird Nests (PNG and JPG) + 4 x Birds Eggs Ephemera  + 6 Bird Ornaments (PNG and JPG) + 8 Vintage Bird Headers (JPG)

Format: 8 x A4 Page Size JPG + 5 x A4 Page Size PNG files 300 dpi

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