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  1. So glad you came up with idea of the paper dolls. I made a journal around Christmas for a couple of younger girls. I put in paper dolls and they were and still are fascinated with them.

    Thanks again,

  2. Aww Pam, how lovely to hear the girls are enjoying these paper dolls! Be sure we will be adding more into our collection very soon:)

    Would love to see the journals you create with them:)

    Thanks for your support,
    Tina, xoxo

  3. Hi! I had a quick question…LOVE the paper dolls! I used to follow a blog that had gorgeous vintage paperdolls she put out and unfortunately I lost track over the years and only have a few I downloaded into my Google Drive that stayed in there all these years later and she was super amazing too…WISH I could recall her name!
    ANyway, I love these and havent seen Victorian paper doll print outs since her blog, so thank you! I was just wondering how to attach the clothes? I didnt print them out yet, but I didnt see the tabs to hold them on so wasnt sure if there were tabs or if you had a different way to attach the outfits? I know sometimes there is dotted lines that you cut a slit and slip an arm through or something because the tabs can be messy and not hold as good, lol! Or if you maybe use a special tape? Im not a huge “paper” artist, I DID want to start making junk journals, but I havent found a super beginner tutorial yet & have been hesitant to try for fear Id waste a lot of time, paper & ink, lol! I use your print outs for mostly decoupage projects! The last one was a background on a thrift store alarm clock I took apart & made a fairy garden inside of, lol, and used one of your digital mixed media printouts! (its on my insta TinCrowPrims if you wanted to check it out!). Thanks again for all you do & letting us less tech savvy or artistic people use your creations!

    1. Hi Em,

      THank you so much for leqving this comment.

      I think Power Tack and washi tape work quite well for attachineg and taking off these paper dolls clothes.

      Hope this helps and please let us know if we can help you with nything else.

      Tina xx

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