Step by Step Tutorial – How to Create a Mixed Art Playing Card

Hello everybody!

This week, I will love to share with you another sensational video tutorial from, Shana, AKA Shanouki Art🦋.

Shana has created a stunning Mushroom and Butterflies Card as part of one of her awesome Full Deck Challenges.

You will find the same Mushroom Image HERE:

And the same Butterflies HERE:

You can see more of Shana’s artwork on her YouTube channel here

Or follow her on Instagram: @shanoukiart

Have a beautiful rest of the week,

Tina x

4 Replies to “Step by Step Tutorial – How to Create a Mixed Art Playing Card”

    1. Hey Josephine, thanks for leaving us a comment! Isn’t Shana clever?! Please feel free to tag us on your creations:)

  1. I just saw your video, and because I recently bought a set of playingcards, I think I would have it a go. I just adore yours!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for your comment!
      We hope you have great fun making your own mixed media playing cards! Please feel free to share your project with us 🥰

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