Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

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Some of our members have asked me for some tips about how to create perfect stories with Scrapbook Journaling

scrapbook journalingSo here we go…Scrapbook Journaling is the inscription that goes with pictures in a scrapbook compilation. There are some different styles when writing journals: Some are story-telling, script writing, while others use fictional stories and a lot more.

To many people the most typical way of journaling is by the use of regular handwriting, but I would recommend if the penmanship is hard to read, opt for using the printer or asking other people to do the handwriting for you πŸ™‚

Scrapbook Journaling gives the scrapbook pictures life as they unfold in each page. Without it, the entire scrapbook album remains a mystery and remains incomplete. What you need for this task are colorful pens, markers, glittery gel pens, stencils, and a lot more writing essentials.

The content of your journal depends on the subject of the whole scrapbook album or the recipient of the album and what is the most important thing you want them to mostly remember about it. If you are the subject of the entire scrapbook album, you can recollect your memories and include some funny anecdotes from each of the photos and even add your touch of point of view.

If the album you are currently working on belongs to someone else, you can put in the facts or a mixture of both facts and story telling in every picture. If all pictures are arranged in sequence that describes how events have unfolded, you can actually write the story in each photo as they happened πŸ™‚

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Scrapbook Journaling Tips:

-Write around in circles or ovals by following their shape and curve writing outwards
-Write in colorful pens, use glittery pens especially for pages with dark backgrounds like black or dark blue
-Use paper letter cut outs from old magazines or digital collage sheets and put them together to create words
-Use sticker letters or ready-to-transfer letters which can be bought from bookstores
-Use glitter glues to make an embossed lettering
-Create colorful printouts using your PC and printer

There are in fact many more ways which you can use to make your scrapbook even more exiting. It’s just the matter of finding the right idea and theme before getting the best result from your scrapbooking craft

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