Peter Rabbit Images

peter rabbit jewelry holders cover2.5 x 3.5Peter Rabbit Images, We all know everybody loves this character from Beatrix Potter, so, today we added 3 new digital collage sheets with super cute Peter Rabbit Images, perfect for all those Easter, spring time, Peter Rabbit Nursery Projects and so many more craft ideas!

We took care in choosing different size collage sheets. So you will be able to find 30 x 40 mm Cabochon Images, Tags, Bottle Cap Images, Pocket Watch and Mirrors, and much more! Just type Peter Rabbit on the :”Search” window, or click on the “Peter Rabbit” tag:)

Peter Rabbit Mirror ImagesPeter Rabbit Cabochon Imagespeter rabbit bottle cup cover





Thank you so much to everyone that has already joined us… We hope you are loving your downloads!

Have a great week!

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  1. Can’t download Peter Rabbit images. When clicking on it , it takes me to the join digital collage club. Can someone help?

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