How to Promote your Etsy Store


I’m sure you have already read important tips about How to Promote your Etsy Store. Most of our members do have an Etsy store where they sell their crafts. We all love Etsy, we all love to have a second, or even better, a main income coming from doing what we love.
At least in my case, there are never enough tips about how to increase the number of sales in my shops, but last night I changed mi mind when I found this very helpful and complete blog post from Launch Grow Joy.
On her website she shares the knowledge of more than 100 quite successful Etsy sellers. If you are already an experience seller, you would probably heard some or most of the tips and you might think after many years on the business that you are an expert in marketing, and know exactly how to promote your Etsy store.
My own experience says is never enough and as Dr Seuss said, “The more you read the more you learn”. Well, I would add, the more you read, the more you remember as well:)
If you are a mom like me and you feel that your brain melt at times, it is extremely necessary to keep updated with the latest marketing tips. Don’t forget that Etsy is getting pretty good at changing their website frequently: their search tools, tags systems, ways to promote…and the list carries on.
And even thou the post from Rebecca is from November 2012 and taking into account social media has gone bonkers since then,  I consider every advice from successful Etsy sellers, timeless and super helpful.
Just don’t panic and as Rebecca says on her blog, “you don’t have to implement all of these Etsy Marketing Tips at once”
You can find about How to get featured outside Etsy, FREE ways of promoting your Etsy Shop, customer service advice and much more in here

Hopefully the info will help you to increase your sales:)

Have a wonderful week,

Tina x

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