How to Make a Ribbon Lace Holder Storage Box

Hello Hello! I hope you are all doing well!

Today I have the great honour to welcome Francesca from JunkJournalJoy, as the first embassador for the DigitalCollageClub in Italy!

This is the first tutorial for the DigitalCollageClub in italian, my favourite language by the way 🥰, but still instructions are very clear to follow.

Francesca has choosen some of our The Sewing Queen Journal Pages Kit  printables and some our Ribbon  and Lace Holder for this spectacular Ribbon and Lace Holder Storage Box tutorial. Enjoy it! 😉

You can see more of JunkJournalJoy artwork on her YouTube channel here

Or follow her on Instagram: @JunkJournalJoy

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Tina x

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