Fall Themed Snail Mail and Pen Pal Ideas

Hi there! OMG I cannot believe is nearly Halloween already! So much to do, so little time! 😊

This week I  would like share another beautiful creation from LizThePaperProject. She has used some of the images from our Autumn Memories Journal Kit, and  come out with fantastic ideas to put in your snail mail,  journals, cards and much more

You can see more of Liz artwork on her YouTube channel here

Or follow her on Instagram: @liz.paperproject

And check her lovely shop here: https://marketplace.zibbet.com/lizthepaperproject

Have a beautiful week and keep

Tina x

2 Replies to “Fall Themed Snail Mail and Pen Pal Ideas”

  1. It’s a great project Liz, thank you for sharing…
    I am new to the Digital Collage Club, and I am enjoying it very much! One question though, I love the videos soo much, but, I cannot find the “like” that’s usually under the video….
    It’s probably a simple thing, I just don’t see it…
    Thank you for your attention,
    Cindy up in Canada

    1. Hi Cindy!

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the club!

      You will be able to like a video directly trough YouTube, no trough our website.😉

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