Digital Collage Sheets


Digital Collage Sheets

Digital Collage Sheets are getting more and more popular everyday. But even thou its usage is increasing, there is still lots of people that are not too familiar with the term “Digital Collage Sheets”, so here goes a bit of a simple explanation for all our members and subscribers.

Digital Collage Sheet is a mixture of images of any kind.  Themes like animals, colors, people, party themes, holidays, vintage or modern,  can  take the form of tags, round images, square images, bookmarks, ATC cards, postcards, banners, domino images and so much more.

Digital Collage Sheets  are digitally made using computer softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or the free version, Gimp, with the help of a good scanner (to make the most of all those wonderful vintage ephemera treasures) and/or a digital camera.

Digital collage sheets are usually use for jewelry making, wall art, decoupage paper, scrapbooking, card making, art journals, handmade gifts for friends and family members, fabric transfers, etc..As you can see, the art and craft projects possibilities are endless!

They can be saved and download into a PC or Mac (they do not work as well on small devices like mobile phones or even iPad’s due to the weigh of the downloads) and they are ready to print yourself as many times as you like on cardstock, sticker sheets, fabric, photo paper and more!

Other positive aspects of digital collage sheets is the fact that there are no charges for postage, as most collage sheets available on the Internet are now instant downloads. If they are not available immediately, you will probable get the files into your email account or in a CD.

Most digital collage sheets are JPG files, PDF or PNG files (with clear background), but what is most important is their quality, which needs to be at least 300 dpi, so they print well and with bright lovely colors.


Hope this article was a bit of help and that you are all enjoying our digital collage sheets 🙂

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Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

Hi everyone!

Some of our members have asked me for some tips about how to create perfect stories with Scrapbook Journaling

scrapbook journalingSo here we go…Scrapbook Journaling is the inscription that goes with pictures in a scrapbook compilation. There are some different styles when writing journals: Some are story-telling, script writing, while others use fictional stories and a lot more.

To many people the most typical way of journaling is by the use of regular handwriting, but I would recommend if the penmanship is hard to read, opt for using the printer or asking other people to do the handwriting for you 🙂

Scrapbook Journaling gives the scrapbook pictures life as they unfold in each page. Without it, the entire scrapbook album remains a mystery and remains incomplete. What you need for this task are colorful pens, markers, glittery gel pens, stencils, and a lot more writing essentials.

The content of your journal depends on the subject of the whole scrapbook album or the recipient of the album and what is the most important thing you want them to mostly remember about it. If you are the subject of the entire scrapbook album, you can recollect your memories and include some funny anecdotes from each of the photos and even add your touch of point of view.

If the album you are currently working on belongs to someone else, you can put in the facts or a mixture of both facts and story telling in every picture. If all pictures are arranged in sequence that describes how events have unfolded, you can actually write the story in each photo as they happened 🙂

pink digital paper cover

Scrapbook Journaling Tips:

-Write around in circles or ovals by following their shape and curve writing outwards
-Write in colorful pens, use glittery pens especially for pages with dark backgrounds like black or dark blue
-Use paper letter cut outs from old magazines or digital collage sheets and put them together to create words
-Use sticker letters or ready-to-transfer letters which can be bought from bookstores
-Use glitter glues to make an embossed lettering
-Create colorful printouts using your PC and printer

There are in fact many more ways which you can use to make your scrapbook even more exiting. It’s just the matter of finding the right idea and theme before getting the best result from your scrapbooking craft

Start Scrapbooking

marie lace holder coverDo you remember those days as a kid pasting newspaper clippings onto paper and bundling dozens of papers together with some fancy ribbon or a string? Do you also remember all of your hard work falling apart two months later?

Now there’s a grown up way to save and preserve your treasures: Scrapbooking.

The concept behind scrapbooking hasn’t changed since grade school. You can still place photographs, newspaper clippings, poems, and tickets into your scrapbook to display and preserve your memories.

However, scrapbooking techniques and tools have matured substantially since you were a kid. Scrapbooking albums have replaced the messy bundles of paper. These albums are generally bound or placed in a three-ring binder. In this way, your hard work won’t fall apart. Furthermore, new specialized covers allow protection from the outside elements.

Paste is also a thing of the past. Specialized glue dots and two-sided tape makes mounting your treasures simple and mess free. Many of these products are so strong that you can now decorate your scrapbook pages with ribbons, feathers, flowers, or even metal charms.

Due to these new techniques and tools, the uses of scrapbooking have expanded drastically. Scrapbooking is still used to hold personal keepsakes and for gift giving.

However, now scrapbooking techniques can be used to make baby announcements, grandparent books, gift cards, artwork for kid’s rooms, recipe books, and even educational tools.

What Do I Need to Start Scrapbooking?

The best thing about scrapbooking is that although there are a plethora of scrapbooking supplies available on the market, you really don’t need a lot to make your very first scrapbook. Basically, all you need to scrapbook is an album, some glue, a pair of scissors, and some photographs or newspaper clippings. Any fabric, ribbon, or bits of leftovers from other projects can be used to embellish your scrapbook.

cute animal circle coverAs you get more acquainted with scrapbooking, you will find products that save you time and frustration. Many of these products are well worth the extra cost. At the top of this list is an exacto knife. This strong and versatile blade allows you to cut almost anything into any shape. When the blade is dull, the end is simply broken off to reveal another sharp tip. Just be sure to place the object you plan to cut onto a mat or wad or newspaper before using the exacto knife. Otherwise, the knife will cut right through your picture and into your scrapbook page or dining room table.

The next best tool is a pair of tweezers. Trying to pick up and place small gluey pieces is a hassle. Tweezers, though not very high tech, allow you to move pieces without touching them.

Speaking of gluey pieces, various glues and affixing options are available. These quick and less messy options include glue dots, two-sided tape, Xyron, acid free photo tabs, and polypropylene corners.

To increase the preservation of your scrapbook and your treasures, look for albums with acid free, lignin free pages. Both acid and lignin accelerate photo fading and general deterioration. Lignin is a chemical found naturally in the cell walls of plants. If the lignin is not removed in the paper manufacturing process, the chemical will cause the paper product to gradually yellow and crumble. Lignin and acid free products come in virtually any color and texture.

Hope all this tutorials about scrapbooking are helping you with your projects!
Have any suggestions for new tutorials? Let us know!
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Scrapbooking for Beginners

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 21.38.07Scrapbooking has been around for ages, but it has recently experienced a surge in popularity. People from all walks of life have discovered the joys of creating albums to showcase their treasured photos and keepsakes. But with all the elaborate scrapbooking techniques and myriad embellishments available, getting started can be intimidating.

The truth is, anyone that can use scissors and glue can scrapbook. And you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to create attractive pages. With some basic supplies and a little imagination, you can create lovely scrapbooks that will be adored for years to come.

What You Need

You can get started scrapbooking on a small budget. Here are the things you’ll need.

* An album – Scrapbooking albums come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are 8 1/2″ x 11″ and 12″ x 12″. They can be found at most craft supply stores if you don’t have a scrapbooking supply store nearby.

polka dot 1 digital paper cover* Paper – Scrapbooking paper can be found in a variety of solid colors and patterns. This will be the basis for each page. You may also use scrapbooking paper for journaling and to create your own photo mats and embellishments.

* Cutting tools – You can easily get by with just a good pair of scissors. But an Exacto knife might make photo cropping easier. And if you’re no good at cutting straight lines, you might want to invest in a paper cutter.

spring flowers mirror cover* Adhesives – There are all sorts of adhesives one could use for scrapbooking. Glue sticks and double-sided tape are quite popular. Some scrapbookers also use rubber cement or glue dots for certain applications. But when you’re getting started, just use what you’re most comfortable with.

* Photos – Beginning scrapbookers often start out with old photos that they’ve accumulated over the years. This makes for a nice, nostalgic album. Of course you can also take new pictures for your scrapbook. A digital camera and photo printer are two modern conveniences that make scrapbooking easier, but they are not necessities. Photos taken by a film camera work just as well.

When purchasing scrapbooking supplies, it’s important to make sure they are acid-free. This will keep them from harming your priceless photos.

Basic Techniques

You don’t have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Just a few simple techniques will suffice.

One of the first things many scrapbookers learn is how to mat photos. This can be accomplished by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center. To make a photo really stand out, double mat it by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

vintage roses 1 library cards coverJournaling gives scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. Simply write a note about the photos on a page, telling what was happening or sharing your thoughts on the subject. Use paper that coordinates with the background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

Adding borders to your pages gives them a finished look. You can make them out of strips of coordinating scrapbook paper. You don’t have to border all four sides. A strip along the top, side or bottom will do. For easy embellishing, use some stickers.

There’s no need to throw in the towel if you don’t have the time, money or know-how to create elaborate scrapbooks. Just start off simple, and learn new techniques as you go.


So just have fun at scrapbooking and keep having fun with our digital downloads!

Have a fab weekend


Tips for Printing Digital Collage Sheets

quality girlSo… do you have any tips for printing digital collage sheets? Yes we do!

Even though our digital collage sheets are already high quality 300 dpi, it is super important that the paper that you use is high quality as well and also that you set up your printer with the right settings!

So here we go, first tip for printing:

  • Choose the right paper: Use a heavy weight and high quality paper or perhaps glossy photo paper (though photo paper usually has the brand logo printed on the back).
  • Choose the right print size: This is a very important tip for printing, specially if you are going to be using our digital collage sheets for jewelry making. In this case, you will have to maintain the size of the images, so you need to set the scaling setting to “none”. If you do change the setting to “fit to page”, you may lose the correct size and resolution of the images.
  • Make sure your print settings match the paper type—glossy or matte—and print at a high resolution to get the best color and sharpest lines.
  • If you do not have a relatively good quality printer at home, our last tip for printing digital collage sheets is to consider taking a memory stick or a cd with your digital downloads, to an inexpensive commercial color printing store (Like Kinkos or Office Depot). This will ensure that the colors are really vivid. Don’t be scared as it shouldn’t be too pricey: A good quality print shouldn’t cost you more than $0.90. You could use an online printing service like Shutterfly as well.

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Make Your Own Cards

Make Your Own CardsMake your own cards? It’s easy!

For your next special occasion, instead of sending out cards bought from the store, why not try your hand at making your own cards. Making cards yourself does not need a lot of hard work, in fact you only need the right materials, a bit of creativity and some time to have fun!

To get started making your own cards, pay a visit to your local arts and crafts store to find the card and materials you need. Most arts and crafts stores have large card making sections so you should easily find all you need.

Rubber stamps are widely available and you can buy virtually any color ink to go with the stamps. There are several stamping methods that you can use when making cards including embossing. Embossing is the process of creating a raised image on the card and it can give the card an elegant appearance.

There are several die cuts and die cut machines available as well. Die cuts allow you to punch a shape out with ease. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be very useful in achieving a layered look. Die cuts can be punched out of different color papers to display a colorful card.

Digital Scrapbook PapersScrapbook papers come in all different colors, textures and themes. Patterned paper can be purchased as well as glitter paper and pre-scored card kits. Card kits come with the note cards already made and ready to decorate. The kits come in different sizes and often different colors to meet a variety of needs. During seasonal periods, such as Christmas, card kits come out with note cards, envelopes and many different die cut shapes.

Stickers are available, both regular and 3D and also come in many different themes. Disney stickers are available as well as licensed characters and many 3D designs. Adding stickers to your cards can help to foster even more creativity when matching colors and themes. You can further enhance your handmade cards by adding ribbon or brads. Ribbon comes in a plethora of colors, shapes and textures. Brads can be used to hold items such as die cuts on the card without the use of an adhesive.

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