10 Replies to “Butterfly World Clip Art and Ephemera Collection Part I”

    1. Hey everyone. I apologise for this issue. The file seems to be too heavy to download at the moment so I am working on making it lighter.
      I will let you all know as soon as the files is ready to doenload. Thanks for understanding 😊

    2. Hey Sherry
      All working now!, please try dcc_914 for the JPG files and dcc-915 for the Png ones.:)

    1. Hola, ya hemos editado este listing y puedes descarfar las imagenes JPG en dcc_914 y las PNG en dcc_915.
      Gracias por tu paciencia y diculpas nuevamente, por todas las molestias

    1. Hey Anton

      Apologies for this issue. We have now fixed the listing but as it was so large we needed to re uploaded to the website in 2 diferent listings, one for JPG files, and one for the PNG files. Hope this helps:)

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