4th of July ATC Cards & Round Images

Digital Collage Sheet 960: 24 x 4th of July ATC Cards  (2.5 x 3.5 inch size images) + 54 x  1″ Round Images. These Vintage Independence Day Digital Images are perfect for Decorations, Buttons, Cards, Paper Crafts, Penpal, Happy Mail and Snail Mail, Junk Journaling, Scrapbooking and much more!

Format: 4 x A4 page size. JPG files 300 dpi

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2 Replies to “4th of July ATC Cards & Round Images”

  1. Ohhh, LOVE these!! Thansk so much! I must have missed these yesterday while I was looking for 4th of July print outs to use for my beaded garland! Lol, they had to be small enough to fit on a wood star the size of my hand & these are PERFECT!! And adorable and different, which will add more interest to a strand of wood beaded garland that, much to the dismay of crafters, you can now get at Dollar Tree & Walmart for prices that make it IMPOSSIBLE to compete with. So, now, if I want to sell something I used to have very little problem selling, I have to REALLY add more interest. Like making it stand out & say heyyyy, you dont want to buy those boring cheap mass produced items that EVERYONE ELSE has when you can buy THESE cool, different, one of kind items & its only a couple dollars more, but handmade & the only one like it! 😉 Thanks again!

  2. Hi Em

    Thank you so much for leaving us a comment! Those garlands that you make sound brilliant and we are so please you have been able to find images that you love on DCC ☺️
    You are so right about competition nowadays. We all need to keep been creative and finding new ways to make a difference!
    We would love to see what you create so please feel free to share with the rest of us on social media.

    Have a great weekend,

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