2 Replies to “2023 Art Nouveau Calendar”

  1. I absolutely love being a part of The DCC. I like the tutorials, the kits, the ephemera and all for such a low price as a LifeTime Member. I try to tell everyone that it’s the BEST bargain they will ever get in relationship to Junk Journaling, Mixed media, or Collaging. The collaborations are fun and they are done by multiple artists so you get variety with each of them. I have to say I paid the same price at another well known digital club, however, I had to pay it annually for the Lifetime membership, so not really lifetime is it? This is fabulous and so creative and generous.

  2. What a wonderful feedback! Thank you so much for been here! I looove what I do and to keep it affordable to everybody…
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2023 ❤️❤️❤️

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